Introduction into the ministry of Lector and Acolyte

Today 6 of our alumni were introduced into the ministry of Lector, and 2 were made Acolytes. 

The introduction into the new ministries was carried out during a Holy Mass at 11.30. The main celebrant was Fr. Zenon Hanas SAC, the Provincial of the Christ the King Province (for eastern Poland), and the homily was preached by Fr. Adrian Galbas SAC, the Provincial of the Annuntiation Province (for western Poland).

Our new Lectors are: Maxim Bolandz SAC, Andrew Chołuj SAC, Pavel Kazlausky SAC and Christopher Szczepkowski SAC from the Western Province, as well as Ralph Kucharski SAC and Bartosz Olszewski SAC from the Eastern Province; and the new Acolytes are Thomas Stawicki SAC from the Annuntiation of the Lord Province and Mark Więch SAC from the Christ the King Province.

Let us pray for our brothers, so that their new duties should bring them ever closer to God and His people.