Founder – Vincent Pallotti

He lived in Rome in the first half of the nineteenth century. He was an ordinary priest full of apostolic fervor, a man of great desires and a mystic immersed in God. He inspired many important initiatives. Right after his priestly ordination, he wants to help the Church in reviving the faith in any possible way. He knows that the clergy alone will not manage. 

It is necessary to unite human forces in the evangelization of the world. It is necessary to acquire all lay Catholics and pagans for the needs of the Church.

On 9 January 1835 Fr. Pallotti receives an inspiration from God which will lead him to the founding of the Union of the Catholic Apostolate. Pallotti undertook many apostolic initiatives; he confessed popes and cardinals, seminarians and simple people. He was also a valued spiritual director and academic lecturer. His ministries were accompanied by supernatural phenomena, for instance a gift of bilocation (being in two different places at the same time). During the octave of Epiphany in 1850, Vincent Pallotti who listened to confessions, put his cloak on the arms of a poor man who shivered from cold by his confessional. He caught a cold and an acute pneumonia was a cause of his death. He died on 22 January 1850 at the age of 55. On his deathbed he confessed to his few friends:

The community will grow and God will bless it. You will see. I tell it to you not because I trust but because I am sure.