World Day of Consecrated Life in our community

Today the Church commemorates the event of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple. It is also the World Day of Consecrated Life.

On this occasion we participated in a solemn Holy Mass, presided by Fr. Bogusław Bogdan SAC, one of our seminary’s spiritual fathers. In his sermon he spoke of the need of giving thanks to the Lord for the gift of consecration – both the one every Christian receives in baptism, and the special one, characteristic of the people of consecrated life. He also pointed towards Saints Simeon and Anna, who were open for the Holy Spirit. Next, referring to the custom of blessing candles on this day, he explained that the flame represents Christ, who defends us form the evil one, and that our life is to be like wax that melts to sustain the flame. The consecration makes us (along with everything we possess, like our time, life, and even illness and death) the property of God Himself. Then, he emphasized that self-offering love is essential not only in consecrated life, but in every vocation. Finally, he wished us all the intercession of Our Lady, so that She should help us not to waste a single moment of life.

This was not the end of today’s events, though; in the afternoon we went to the Cathedral of Warsaw to attend another Holy Mass, this time with many other consecrated ones and a bishop. Our Schola Gregoriana adorned the Liturgy with their singing, while other alumni, together with two of our deacons, served the Holy Mass.