Epiphany and the preceding Triduum

The Feast of Epiphany (The Revelation of the Lord), also known as The Three Kings’ Day, is of great importance for the Pallottine tradition.

It is so because this special day shows the unity in plurality, that is a characteristic feature of the Catholic Church. Our Founder, St. Vincent Pallotti, organized special, over a week-long celebrations, during which the Roman faithful could see for themselves the multitude of Catholic liturgical rites and traditions.

As a Pallottine communit, we wish to follow in his footsteps; and so, we organized a preparatory Triduum before the Epiphany. On the first day, January 3rd, in our church we had Vespers in the Byzantine rite. On the second day (Jan. 4th) a prayer in the spirit of the Taize Community took place. And on the day directly before the Epiphany, Jan. 5th, we participated in a Holy Mass in the so-called Trident rite.

Today’s feast we spent in an active and social way. In the morning, we took part in a Holy Mass in a Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in neighboring Ożarów Mazowiecki. After that, we joined the so-called Three Kings’ Procession, which is a form of public display of faith, as well as a possibility for the people to spend time having fun together.

In the afternoon, on the other hand, we had the so-called “Kolęda” – our Father Rector Mirosław Mejzner SAC, with the help of a few other priests and alumni, visited every dwelling at our seminary, in the houses of Priests an Brothers after the perpetual profession, of the Pallottine Nuns and of the workers living here. In each room or flat a short prayer was said and the priest blessed it. After the Kolęda, and after praying Vespers together, we met again to continue our joyful celebration in a fraternal community.

Byzantine Vespers:


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Taize Evening Prayer:


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Trident Mass:


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