08.09.2018, at the church of Mary the Queen of the Apostles in Ołtarzew, three our confreres: al. Dominik Gaładyk SAC and al. Yaroslav Drahan SAC from the Province of Christ the King and al. Szymon Pakuła SAC from the Province of the Annunciation have made an act of perpetual profession before the Superiors of both provinces.

In this way, they became lifetime members of the closest circle of our Father and Founder, St. Vincent Pallotti. This act is a direct preparation to the (drawing near now) ordination of diaconate, which they are going to receive in the month to come.

We could experience today’s solemnity more profoundly thanks to an hour-long adoration of the Blessed Sacrament that took place at our church yesterday evening, as well as Matutines that we prayed together today morning.

The Holy Mass, during which this significant moment took place, was prayed at 11.30 a.m.. Fr. Zenon Hanas SAC, the Superior Provincial of the Christ the ing Province, was presiding, and Fr. Adrian Galbas SAC, the Superior Provincial of the Annunciation Province spoke the sermon, in which he spoke about Mary as the fertile soil for the seed of God’s grace, and about the importance and meaning of the perpetual profession. He also advised them to put their trust only in God, to center their lives around Jesus, to be humble and not to try to attract the world. Father Provincial wished them to be pride of the Society, and even to become saints. At the end he made a reference to a prayer to be prayed on today’s feast for the protection of the seed to be sown; he wished them that the Lord should protect them and the seed of their vocation from any danger.

After the Mass we all went to a solemn dinner. In the evening we gathered together on a fraternal recreation. On the following day, the seminarians of the 2nd year went with the Father Prefect to Jeziorna Osada (“Lake Village”, in the town of Gnojewo) to spend there nearly 2 weeks on a so-called Directory, which is a direct preparation to the 1st temporary profession that is going to take place on September 29th.

Photos will be added soon